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About us
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Unser Hangar am Flughafen Stuttgart

Flugtechnik Stuttgart was founded
55 years ago as Sportflugservice
Stuttgart GmbH. Shortly after that,
Kula & Breuninger, two experienced
specialists for aircraft engines, ran the company under the name of Flugtechnik Kula & Breuninger GmbH. In 1985, the German Air Rescue (DRF) took over the FBO for the maintenance of their Learjets and changed the company's name to the today commonly known name of Flugtechnik Stuttgart GmbH. Relying on this experience, Werner Helm, formerly a class 1 & 4 inspector himself, took over the company in 1994. With the motto "One-Stop-Service" and with the help of his ambitious employees, he continuously broadened the service range from the European Approval for up to 5,7t, to line maintenance of business jets through to a complete major overhaul of piston engines and power units.