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Annual inspection
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Regelmäßige Jahresnachprüfung

For the annual inspection of
airworthiness, the class 1 inspector
requires a lot of experience and
special knowledge on aircraft. He
not only checks the required documents but also certifies the correct implementation of Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins and Inspections. But only after inspecting the aircraft and its complex systems as a whole he can decide if the aircraft complies with all legal and technical requirements.

Rather early, Werner Helm realised that beside the technical know-how the ability of handling and flying an aircraft is an essential requirement. Certain checks and the search for faults only can be done during a real flight. The majority of the employees of Flugtechnik Stuttgart have for the pilot license and therefore are able to detect quickly and competently faults and their causes on the aircraft. We know what we are talking about - a crucial advantage for you!

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